It's time for military families to leave South Korea — Senator

Dominique Dufresne
Décembre 7, 2017

Oh, the parasite-ridden defector, wasn't even among North Korea's poorest.

Pacific Command said the safety and welfare of servicemembers, employees and family members is a top priority and contingency plans are in place. The U.S. and South Korean militaries are holding a major air force exercise. Dave Benham told Stars and Stripes in an email.

Responding to joint US-South Korean military exercises this week, a spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country said "insane President Trump is running wild. stunned by North Korea completing the state nuclear force".

The US and South Korea, which are opposed to the North Korean missile and nuclear programs, however, claim the drills have a "defensive nature". "If it fails to negotiate, the situation will become more complex". In addition, the system will be able to more accurately intercept projectiles that provide few warning signs before a launch, such as submarine-launched ballistic missiles and rockets using solid-fuel engines.

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Large military drills being carried out by the United States and South Korea and U.S. threats of a preemptive war against Pyongyang have made the outbreak of war on the Korean peninsula "an established fact", North Korea's foreign ministry said.

The reclusive communist state has tens of thousands of soldiers and artillery positions poised on the other side of the heavily fortified frontier. While this is claimed to be an annual drill, it will certainly increase military tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Six F-22s and six F-35s have been deployed to the Korean peninsula, marking the first time the highly-advanced jets have cruised the skies above South Korea at the same time.

Graham expressed confidence in the Trump administration's ability to manage the growing conflict with North Korea. It is not detailed enough to see people's faces. For instance, in Kilju County, home to North Korea's infamous Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site, local residents suffer from a so-called "ghost disease" that some believe its radiation poisoning.

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"We rely on the United States to strike enemy bases and are not looking at making any changes to how we share our roles", he added.

A military confrontation should be avoided, but there is no guarantee that it will never happen.

The U.S., South Korea and Japan may have to make a tough decision.

Staff Sgt. Chris Contreraz said he has already spent too much time without his family during tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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"That is often an indicator that things have been buttoned down and they're ready to do something and they're just waiting", said Jack Liu, a defence technology expert with 38 North. "I'll start worrying if they actually tell the families to leave". "Everything is business as usual here off post".

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