Trump Source Explains Why GOP Losses Not Referendum on President

Dominique Dufresne
Novembre 11, 2017

Tuesday's Virginia House of Delegates elections brought major dividends for Democrats, and could lead to that party's control of the House.

Virginia also saw a lot of new groups emerge, founded in the wake of the 2016 disaster, raring to work on state-level races.

Larry Roberts, who in the past advised former Virginia governor and now Sen. But maybe they won't. If Democrats can wrest control of redistricting away from Republicans, they could once again do unto the GOP what the GOP did unto them, and gerrymander districts to a fare-thee-well.

The network's star host Tucker Carlson sounded maudlin as he announced that the network was calling Virginia's gubernatorial race for Democratic candidate Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D), breaking the news without any of his usual abrasive bombast.

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That's why the former head of the Republican National Committee lost - as everyone but his kids knew he would. And that's a problem. He has griped publicly about the Senate Majority Leader, the Speaker of the House, and his own Attorney General-and attacked the few members of his party who have deigned to criticize him.

As the 2018 election approaches, where Senate, House and more governor seats will be up for grabs, Borick says it will be interesting to watch the strategies from both sides of the aisle. Seattle will get its first openly lesbian mayor and its first female mayor since the 1920s. They used that power to entrench their control. Similar tactics created disproportionately Republican state legislatures and congressional delegations across the country.

The company has cultivated deep relationships with leaders in both parties, securing bipartisan support for laws boosting its bottom line.

The poll's findings jibe with other exit polls that showed health care played a key roll in the election of Northam over Republican nominee Ed Gillespie, by a margin of 54 percent to 45 percent. Tuesday evening, as the President flew from South Korea to Vietnam while Virginia turned against his party, Trumpism seemed small enough that all its partisans could fit on Air Force One. They were showing up to send a message to Trump, whom they believe is a clear and present danger to all that they hold dear. Democrats picked up at least 14 seats, and 10 of the winners were women.

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Fast forward a year and the inverse occurred following Tuesday's results. He is a winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award for excellence in writing. I doubt this will happen because Alabama is Alabama. I have been here for 53 years. State legislatures have the power to enact numerous rules that affect the voting process, such as voter ID requirements or early voting periods. They notched a showy win in the Virginia governor's race, where Ralph Northam won by nearly nine points. To hire the best people and make the best deals? In the House of Delegates, the victors ranged from transwoman Danica Roem (who beat "bathroom bill" sponsor Bob Marshall), to former television newsman Chris Hurst (whose girlfriend Alison Parker was shot live on Roanoke local TV and who evicted incumbent Joseph Yost in Blacksburg). The current occupant of the Oval Office running on flags, a return to harder hits in football, and a renewed call to "Lock Her Up" versus a generic woke capitalist Clintonite handpicked by the DNC?

Moore is the quintessential Bannon fascist. Countywide, Stafford has 50 provisional ballots that could be counted if those voters provide additional information like a photo identification by noon Monday. National Democrats also worried Northam had run an unusually dull, centrist, light-on-issues campaign (but honestly: what do we know?).

Trump himself tweeted about Gillespie that he "did not embrace me or what I stand for".

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