Russian Federation calls USA ban on Kaspersky products 'regrettable'

Dominique Dufresne
Septembre 16, 2017

In a statement, DHS said this decision was prompted by security concerns in Kaspersky's products as well as fears about the company's numerous ties to Russian intelligence agencies.

The order applies to all federal agencies and demands that they identify all Kaspersky products on their systems within 30 days and discontinue usage within 90 days.

In addition to concerns over whether Kaspersky products could leave USA systems vulnerable to malicious actors, the us government said the company could have ties to the Kremlin - whether those ties are in the form of voluntary collaboration or mandated under law by the Russian government.

Conversely, Kaspersky Lab has firmly denied the accusations, stating it "doesn't have any inappropriate ties with any government", that there is "no credible evidence" and ultimately that these are "false allegations".

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In July, Kaspersky Lab was removed from two governmentwide contract vehicles: General Services Administration's Schedule 70 contract and NASA's SEWP vehicle. Federal agencies have three months to remove the software.

Kaspersky's EMEA distributor Nuvias has backed the under-fire vendor after the United States government ordered its departments to remove all of its products within 90 days.

Regarding the Russian polices and laws being misinterpreted, the laws and tools in question are applicable to telecom companies and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and contrary to the inaccurate reports, Kaspersky Lab is not subject to these laws or other government tools, including Russia's System of Operative-Investigative Measures (SORM), since the company doesn't provide communication services.

It is understood that Kaspersky now has the opportunity to submit a written response to address the allegations. Since the US government began scrutinizing Kaspersky Lab, reports indicate that the company's sales to USA commercial customers and consumers have fallen.

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Worries rippled through the consumer market for antivirus software after the US government banned federal agencies from using Kaspersky Lab software on Wednesday.

"[The US government] declining to take it, and taking this action, has the air of politics - not security". The senate is voting on a defense-splurging bill that would prohibit Kaspersky Lab products from being utilized by American government agencies definitely systematizing Wednesday's instruction into law. CEO and cofounder Eugene Kaspersky was educated at a KGB-backed school and previously served at the intelligence organization.

Despite the offer of opening up the source code, little evidence has been produced by any party to show either a direct link between the Kaspersky Labs company and the FSB, or a means in its products by which any influence could be brought to bear.

The U.S. House of Representatives' Science, Space and Technology Committee on September 14 said it had invited Kaspersky to testify over the security of his company's products on September 27, along with U.S. government and private-sector cyberexperts.

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Kaspersky has a track record of providing security software, which is now deployed on about 400 million computers and can be found in 270,000 organizations across the globe.

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