Route That Includes Pittsburgh Named As Finalist In Global Hyperloop Competition

Elisee Touchard
Septembre 15, 2017

Colorado's proposal, from a team called Rocky Mountain Hyperloop that includes CDOT, Denver, and Greeley, would cover 360 miles and 10 urban centers with a population of more than 4.8 million; it would connect Cheyenne, Wyoming to Pueblo, Colorado, and include Pueblo, Colorado Springs, the Denver airport, Greeley, and Vail.

"The excitement around Hyperloop is in its potential to reimagine transportation by eliminating the barriers of distance and time", he stated. So it may very well be the case that in the near future with the legislation, terrain, and Hyperloop in Colorado, people will be able to be both fast and high.

The win formalizes a public-private partnership between the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Hyperloop One to conduct a feasibility study and determine viability of a possible project.

Hyperloop One's business and technical leaders will host in-country workshops with each team, and connect them with Hyperloop One's global partner network to sharpen the feasibility and scope of the potential routes.

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Following an assessment of the proposals by a panel of experts in infrastructure, technology and transportation, 10 teams from five countries were chosen from among hundreds of applicants. Hyperloop, which is privately operated, plans to start shipping cargo by 2020, and riders by 2021.

In a press release, Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd said: "The results of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge far exceeded our expectations".

In fact, another company Hyperloop Technologies Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) signed an MoU with the Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board just last week to develop a 5-minute commute between the cities of Vijayawada and Amravati.

Hyperloop Texas representatives said the technology would help to eliminate mass congestion on Austin, Dallas and Houston's roadways.

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The Hyperloop is not newfangling at all, but, rather the oldest song in the world: the many pay for the few want to do, and few get the credit. He joined GearJunkie after a 10-year stint as a newspaperman in the Caribbean, where he learned sailing and wooden-boat repair.

The California company recently put the finishing touches on its 1,640-foot testing tube in North Las Vegas.

The company tested its technology over the summer in the Nevada desert, sending a pod forward in acceleration for 300 meters using magnetic levitation, before stopping after less than half a mile of total travel.

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