Clinton wants to end the electoral college

Dominique Dufresne
Septembre 15, 2017

"My personal view is that the blue slip, with regard to circuit court appointments, ought to simply be a notification of how you're going to vote, not the opportunity to blackball", McConnell told The New York Times.

Clinton was always about sexual politics. She wasn't the right kind of woman to be the first woman president. "After the Comey letter, my momentum was stopped".

Unlike former British Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher or Angela Merkel, she had to suffer through the powerful-man syndrome with a husband whose hand in marriage pulled her onto a national stage, first in the unfamiliar territory of Arkansas as a governor's wife and then at the White House as the first lady.

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Mixed signals from Washington over a possible agreement to preserve protections for young immigrants are increasing anxiety and confusion on college campuses, where the stakes are high.

There's a reason Clinton's middle name is prominent on the title page. No one on the team you caused to lose wants to hear from you ever again. This time, reluctant or not, she was a dutiful "wife of". But these connections failed her when she went for the prize at the top. In the so-called "postmodern" era, there is no such thing as good intentions in politics.

For the record: "We all know what happened, Hillary: you're a loser!"

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For those who need a quick civics lesson - that requires the House and Senate to pass the amendment with a two-thirds majority. Tillich, she writes, "sensed a feeling of meaningless, emptiness, doubt and cynicism - all expressions of despair, of our separation from the roots and the meaning of our life".

So, it's not unique to Clinton.

Not only was she the first secretary of state to exclusively use a private email address (others, like Colin Powell, had used both a private email and an official address) but the decision to use her own private server reinforced many of the negative perceptions people had about Clinton. This diluted the impact of then-candidate Donald Trump's "locker room" tape. Many women, particularly in flyover country, wouldn't buy that. Clinton's response was telling. Bubba played by the old rules of masculinity, and she was vulnerable to the new rules of feminism. She graduated there the same year I graduated from seminary on the West Coast.

Irma: après Saint-Martin dévasté, Macron au chevet de Saint-Barthélemy
Des " tentes gonflables " seront livrées pour assurer des cours, avant un retour à la normale " d'ici la Toussaint ". Un délégué interministériel sera par ailleurs nommé dans les prochains jours afin de coordonner la reconstruction.

"Which means, I think, that it should hold itself to the highest standard", she added. "In other words, if China were in America's position, we would have likely witnessed a tragically destructive war a long time ago".

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