Terror Attacks Expose Spanish Rift Over Tackling Jihadists

Elisee Touchard
Août 20, 2017

"We offer our condolences to the loss of life and the injuries that have occurred to so many innocent people yet again", Tillerson said.

A source briefed on the investigation said a preliminary assessment of the Alcanar property indicated there were traces of the powerful explosive TATP in the rubble. "The van stopped at the Miro mosaic, a photogenic target, which fits the criteria of terror attacks pretty well", Lea said.

Mohamed Hychami, 24 and Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22 had been living in Ripoll in Catalonia, the region where the atrocities were carried out.

The young man lives in Barcelona and is thought to be one of the main authors of the facts.

Two of the dead were from Italy; one was from Belgium.

One day after a terror attack that killed 13, the crowds returned to Barcelona's Las Ramblas.

Police fatally shot four suspects in that incident, The Washington Post reported.

Un homme abattu par la police, l'IGPN saisie — Loiret
Il était auparavant connu des services de police qui ont écarté toute piste terroriste, d'après France info . L'individu est décédé des suites de ses blessures dans la soirée indique la République du Centre .

A senior Catalan police official says one police officer killed 4 of the suspects in the Cambrils attack. They also exposed the political division that risks obstructing the region's fight against the jihadists.

Hassan Ahmed, the 14-year old son of Pakistani immigrants came alone to pay his respects to the victims after witnessing the attack Thursday. Police say the local hospital is asking the public for donations. Overturned chairs and napkins were strewn on the street.

Four other men drove onto the sidewalk of London Bridge, unleashing a rampage with knives that killed eight people in June.

Led by King Felipe and PM Mariano Rajoy, the silence was followed by applause for the victims.

Photographs showed the black Audi, flipped upside down with its windows smashed out, being removed from the scene.

Three days of mourning have been declared by the government of Catalonia.

The explosion meant the attackers were unable to use material they were planning to deploy in attacks in Barcelona, Cambrils and perhaps elsewhere, he said.

L'État islamique revendique l'attaque — Attentat de Barcelone
Selon des sources policières citées par El Pais , une fourgonnette blanche a foncé sur plusieurs personnes. La police espagnole a confirmé le caractère terroriste de l'attaque.

He added that the threat in the city had been mounting over recent years as the number of arrests "have stacked up". "Please like and share".

Thursday's bloodshed was Spain's deadliest attack since 2004, when al-Qaida-inspired bombers killed 192 people in coordinated assaults on Madrid's commuter trains.

And in the early hours of Friday morning, another car ramming attack was launched in the coastal town of Cambrils.

They lay on the ground, without knowing what was going on, before they were eventually allowed to leave and walked back to their hostel. Three were Moroccan citizens and another was Spanish; they ranged in age from 21 to 34.

That said, Rajoy and Puigdemont showed a united front on Friday, sharing a platform at a press conference in Barcelona.

A release from the Embassy of Spain in Kingston today said the country observed a minute of silence at midday for the victims of what has been labelled as terrorist attacks.

Dangote veut acheter Arsenal et destituer Arsène Wenger
Les fans des Gunners londonien sont donc heureux d'apprendre l'intérêt d'Aliko Dangote pour leur club. Avec un capital de 9,5 milliards d'euros, Aliko Dangote pourrait largement s'offrir son club favoris.

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