China's state media: We won't help North Korea if it attacks

Dominique Dufresne
Août 13, 2017

Trump began his Friday barrage with an especially fiery tweet: "Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely". He added that "hopefully" Kim will "find another path!"

Trump said Kim was not going to get away with his "horrific" comments and disrespecting America.

If the 'Tsar Bomba', the largest hydrogen bomb ever made, was dropped on Guam the fatalities are estimated to be 135,000 and nearly 40,000 fatalities. Trump must work toward policy coordination within his administration and ramp up cooperation with U.S. allies, including Japan and South Korea.

"U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called for the peaceful denuclearization of North Korea - a common goal of the international community - and stressed the importance of strengthening pressure on North Korea in diplomatic, economic terms", the South Korean spokesman said.

Just a day earlier, North Korea's state-run KCNA news agency said its army would complete plans in mid-August to fire four intermediate-range missiles over Japan to land near Guam.

"Senators learn the hard way about the fallout from turning on Trump", read the story link, which included a picture of Sen.

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Trump previously said the U.S. would unleash "fire and fury" on North Korea if it continued to threaten the U.S., and in Bedminster, New Jersey, on Thursday, he didn't back down.

Japanese media said Tokyo was deploying its Patriot missile defence system.

A White House statement on the phone call did not mention the apparent plea to the US president.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also renewed his pledge Saturday morning to prevent any accidents related to the North's warned launch.

Calvo and Trump have discussed the North Korea crisis, with the president pledging to deploy forces that would ensure its territory is safe and secure.

The tough talk capped a week in which long-standing tensions between the countries risked abruptly boiling over.

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The president also saluted Xi for China's recent United Nations vote to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea, in response the country's escalating pursuit of nuclear weapons, according to the White House.

Guam's Office of Civil Defense began disseminating fact sheets Friday to help residents prepare for a missile attack from North Korea.

"Do not look at the flash or fireball - It can blind you", it said.

It has urged the "relevant side" to exercise restraint, avoiding words or actions that raise tension.

Regional tensions are mounting as Washington and Pyongyang ratchet up their war of words, with President Donald Trump warning Pyongyang would "truly regret" any hostile action against the US.

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