Trump: Fire and fury remarks 'not tough enough'

Dominique Dufresne
Août 12, 2017

Shortly after Trump spoke, U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters the United States still preferred a diplomatic approach to the North Korean threat and that a war would be "catastrophic". "He does something in Guam, it will be an event the likes of which nobody has seen before - what will happen in North Korea".

But the president on Thursday appeared to double down on his original statement, suggesting that even threats from North Korea against the United States are unacceptable. He said until his aim of a nuclear-free world is achieved, America will be the most powerful nuclear nation on the earth by far.

North Korea's leader "has disrespected our country greatly", Trump said.

Mr Trump warned North Korea on Tuesday it would be met with "fire and fury" if it issued anymore threats.

"In addition to restraining the warlike rhetoric, our leaders need to encourage talks between North Korea and other countries, especially China and Russia".

On China, the commander in chief was more benevolent than he has been in the past, noting that Beijing has unmatched influence over its recalcitrant neighbor.

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"He's been pushing the world around for a long time", he said about the despot.

The United States and its allies in the Asia-Pacific would demolish North Korea in any conceivable military scenario.

"My first order as President was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal. I think China can do a lot more, yes, and I think China will do a lot more".

Despite the war of words, the US military says, for now, there has been no change in its readiness posture in South Korea or elsewhere in Asia. "This is extremely getting on the nerves of our infuriated Hwasong (North Korean tactical ballistic missile) artillerymen".

When asked about possible preemptive strikes on Pyongyang, the President added: "We don't talk about that".

At the centre of the geopolitical storm is the tiny island of Guam, a US territory in the Pacific Ocean.

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Mr Trump's tweet follows his threat earlier this week to rain "fire and fury" on Pyongyang. Two North Korean tour agencies wrote about it on their websites at the time.

Trump said the rogue regime should "get their act together" or Pyongyang will be in trouble "like few nations have ever been".

Travelers to Guam are advised by the Centers for Disease Control to "avoid touching, petting, handling, or feeding animals, including pets". Gorka, whose nominal area of expertise is terrorism, has taken a consistently hawkish tone on North Korea in his many recent media appearances. "The Japanese government supports this attitude".

With liberals back in charge in South Korea, Seoul is making peace offerings to its arch-rivals, but the North is not accepting them.

"The idea that anyone can contemplate using nuclear weapons at any stage against anybody is unthinkable", he said.

With this in mind, the real-world consequences have Richardson concerned. It's not going to continue like that.

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