N.Korea Details Plans to Attack Guam

Dominique Dufresne
Août 12, 2017

If any of these commands detect a threat, it then moves to a quick decision about shooting down the missile with any number of missile defense systems that may be in the target area.

"My wife and I have a lot of feelings for Guam".

Mothers told him they were "really apprehensive" because "you just don't know what's really going to happen".

Such threats are why the Americans are on Guam to begin with.

Life-long Guam resident Jeremiah Lorenzo, 23, lives in Santa Rita, a village next to the naval base.

"It's a very fragile situation at the moment and Guam is very strategically placed".

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While many films were influenced by the Cuban Missile Crisis during the Cold War, this film from 2000 presents an account of the actual crisis. As a result, Guam's economy relies heavily on the U.S. Armed Forces, which owns a third of the island.

"On the North Korean side", he says, "there are differences of specificity".

Go as far below ground as possible or in the center of a tall building.

"And I also want to remind the national media that Guam is American soil, and we have 200,000 Americans in Guam and the Marinas", he said.

Cicilline urged the Trump administration to exhaust all diplomatic options before resorting to military force. The tourist district of Tumon, home to many of Guam's hotels and resorts, is in between. Without a mass public mobilization demanding peace, however, Trump may feel empowered to push toward a nuclear conflict rather than seizing this opportunity for diplomacy. "I wish I knew more about what everyone's real intentions are".

That was the case on Saturday in Guam's malls and along its pristine beaches, where children played in the turquoise sea as parents drank beer and prepared picnics. I think everyone is trying to talk big and present a strong face. "I wish I knew what was actually behind that, whether Korea actually had any intention of attacking or whether U.S. has any intention of preemptively striking".

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The fact sheet, titled "Preparing for an Imminent Missile Threat", is displayed prominently on the website of Guam's Homeland Security Office of Civil Defense and its Facebook page.

"I am not aware of any cancellations". It's a beautiful island, peaceful people who are not interested in war. "We are not just a military installation".

The Korean War began on June 25, 1950 when North Korea supported by the former Soviet Union and China, invaded South Korea which was being supported by the United States.

The plan calls for sending 12 rockets over Japan to crash in the waters about 30 miles from Guam, which is 2,100 miles east of the Korean peninsula.

On August 10, a day after Trump's "fire and fury" threat, an emergency anti-war rally was held in front of the White House. Neither film is currently available to stream, but DVDs are available to purchase from online retailers.

But islanders don't seem in a hurry to get ready.

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