Media to Seoul: start building nuclear arms

Dominique Dufresne
Août 12, 2017

Two United States Air Force B-1B bombers, on August 7, conducted a 10-hour sequenced bilateral missions with South Korea and Japan showing that they are ready to "Fight Tonight". And it's unclear whether its compact nuclear warheads are able to withstand the forces and vibrations associated with traveling atop a missile.

Television footage showed military vehicles carrying launchers and other equipment for the surface-to-air system entering a Japanese base in Kochi before dawn.

Guam is strategically located a short flight from the Korean peninsula and other potential flashpoints in East Asia.

However, the latest round of tensions firmly puts Guam at the center of a very specific and potent threat.

"I'm glad you're holding the helm, Sir", he said.

Japan's Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said Thursday that a missile attack on the U.S. territory would breach the U.S. deterrence against an attack on Japan, which would be a national emergency because it threatens Japan's existence as a nation.

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The island is also home to several unique species, such as the flightless koko bird, the damselfish and the Serianthes tree, according to the University of Guam. Its military officials intend for them to land a little outside the 14-mile mark that is accepted as the limit of territorial waters, North Korean state media said, subject to Kim Jong-un's agreement.

"Asked if he would consider a pre-emptive strike against North Korea to deny it the ability to launch a nuclear attack against the United States, Trump said, "We'll see what happens".

Though they are marketed as "DMZ Concerts", they are obviously not held within the demilitarised zone, but at a tourist spot called Nuri Peace Park in the South Korean city of Paju, north of Seoul. There are certain things that the country should do and the first is to prepare for contingencies.

It is not known what Pyongyang thinks of the concert, but the government is clearly not a fan of K-pop - it has in the past declared the South's "pop propaganda" broadcasts as acts of war.

But on the streets the outward appearance remained calm, with the main concern being the approach of the typhoon season.

Resident Furukawa, who lived through Typhoon Paka which left 5,000 homeless and more than 30 percent of public buildings seriously damaged in 1997, said people in Guam were resilient.

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Carl Peterson, president of Money Resources Inc., serves on the Guam Chamber of Commerce's Armed Forces Committee, expressed confidence in the U.S. military's defense capabilities.

It is time for Washington and Pyongyang to meet at the negotiating table, Russian academic Evgeny Kim told Radio Sputnik, adding that the US should lend an ear to Moscow and Beijing's proposal to stop both North Korean missile tests and US-South Korean military drills in the region.

The warning came hours after U.S. President Donald Trump said further threats from Pyongyang would be met with "fire and fury".

He said now was the time to rally behind the US commander-in-chief in order to protect proud citizens living in US territories.

The weapon designs that North Korea has tested so far are in the tens of kilotons of explosive yield. And at the southern end, there's the Naval Base Guam that hosts the Submarine Squadron Fifteen and the USS Frank Cable.

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