Tina Knowles-Lawson and Mathew Knowles congratulate daughter Beyoncé on twins

Elisa Mosse
Juillet 15, 2017

Beyonce posted this image to introduce her one-month old twins Sir and Rumi to the world. While you're arguing about Beyonce's snap back, there are women weeping because they just want to experience a plus sign on their pee stick. The home is named La Villa Contenta.

Beyonce broke the Internet when she shared photos showing off her baby bump.

Later on in Instagram, the singer also appeared in photos from the event. Towering over her is a large display of colorful flowers. "Boy and girl what a blessing", she wrote.

Beyoncé has released a second picture, this time in the company of Jay-Z. In the pregnancy photo, the resemblance was subliminal: The flower wreath behind Beyoncé's head echoed the roses the winds blow towards Venus, the lines of Beyoncé's veil echoed the lines of Venus's hair, and the placement of Beyoncé's hands on her pregnant belly echoed the placement of Venus's hands framing her genitalia.

Best of du défilé du 14 Juillet à Paris
Emmanuel Macron et son épouse Brigitte ont officiellement accueilli Donald et Melania Trump jeudi après-midi lors d'une cérémonie à l'hôtel national des Invalides.

Here's another one that probably already applied to this family, because, well, she's Yonce and he made Blueprint. It's easy to say that I would never do it because right now, I don't have the money to do it anyway, but what I know for sure is that of all the things I have done in my life, nothing comes close to having a baby.

Sir Carter and Rumi join the couple's 5-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

Until Friday, the power couple had not even confirmed the twins' birth, though Beyonce's father acknowledged the delivery on social media.

We will remind, the singer became a mom of twins on June 14.

Emmanuel Macron et Donald Trump : un "dîner d'amis" à la Tour Eiffel
Celui-ci doit en effet retrouver son homologue français la veille pour un dîner avec l'ensemble de la délégation américaine. Les deux chefs d'État ont eu un entretien à l'Élysée, suivi d'une conférence de presse commune.

He has also announced a North America tour, with 31 dates across the United States and Canada from October to December.

Twitter was ecstatic to see the new little bundles of joy.

On "4:44", Jay-Z alludes to Persian poetry on the song "Marcy Me", which describes his upbringing in a public housing project.

Qu'ont mangé les couples Trump et Macron à la tour Eiffel?
Si elle m'avait dit: Faites-moi une robe bleu-blanc-rouge, ça m'aurait bloqué. Tout juste sait-on que du champagne a été servi au début du repas.

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