CNN video shows Donald Trump in Vegas with Russian businessmen

Margot Aubert
Juillet 15, 2017

He told Reuters the administration was "functioning beautifully".

In an interview with Reuters, President Trump said he was not aware of his eldest son Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer in 2016 until a few days ago.

Despite the emails proving that at least some campaign officials had advanced knowledge of Russia's interest in helping his candidacy, Trump iterated that Russian President Vladimir Putin denied meddling in the 2016 election. "And he said no, I did not", Trump said.

Brandon Garrett, law professor at the University of Virginia, says since Watergate, federal law has forbidden any direct or indirect foreign contribution or promise of such to a US election.

Kushner's failure to disclose dozens of contacts with foreigners, including the CEO of a Russian state-owned bank and the Russian ambassador to the United States, have prompted Democrats to call for his interim clearance to be reviewed or pulled entirely.

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Pour cela, le chef de l'État a assuré que les aides aux victimes seront maintenues . "L'État ne vous abandonnera jamais". L'exemple de dignité et de courage que vous avez donné ne peut pas, ne doit pas se heurter à la froideur bureaucratique.

During a press briefing Wednesday, Sanders told reporters that the president has had his hands full with meetings with aides regarding matters of trade, cybersecurity, national security and health care, among other topics.

Trump tells Christian broadcast station CBN in an interview taped Wednesday that Clinton would have weakened the U.S. military and driven up energy prices - two things Putin would have welcomed.

President Trump is now travelling to Paris, a city he has openly criticised following extremist attacks in recent years.

The younger Trump and his apologists claim that he responded as would any campaign operative seeking dirt on an opponent.

"It's a distraction", he said.

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Il est régulièrement épinglé par la presse américaine pour ses remarques désobligeantes au sujet du physique des femmes. Devant une tribune qui accueillait plus de 2.000 personnes, M.

And then there is this recurring question: How long can the rest of the Republican Party prioritize partisanship and agenda over decency and patriotism? You have done a FANTASTIC job.

Just weeks before Trump declared his candidacy for the presidency in June 2015, Emin Agalarov posted that he had met with the tycoon again in New York City. "I don't think that it's a story and I think the media's made it a story". "What happens with the Russia investigation is going to happen, it shouldn't interfere with what we do".

What ultimately sways investigators' decisions when considering supplemental information is whether that information was omitted accidentally or willfully concealed.

"The government usually in these cases will look at what would've been the outcome if we'd known that information", Bigley told TPM. "If we'd known the information you failed to include, would that have changed the adjudicated outcome?" On Tuesday, Yahoo News reported the purpose of Ivanka Trump's trip was to scout locations for a prospective tower in Moscow. "It's generally understood he would have had the go ahead from the Putin inner circle".

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