Junior on the hot seat — Thursday letters

Elisee Touchard
Juillet 13, 2017

Trump, however, has continued to cast doubt on whether Russia was behind the election interference, which included hacks of the Democratic National Committee's email system and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's emails. Emails Create Short-Term Uproar, Long-Term Problem - "For months, the hope in President Donald Trump's world-sometimes realistic, sometimes strained-was that the story of Russia's role in the 2016 presidential election would quickly shrivel up and blow away". "For me, this was opposition research" that he had hoped might yield "concrete evidence" against Clinton. Former general counsel of the U.S. Army from 1977-1980. He doesn't want that.

"When I want a strong military, you know she wouldn't have spent the money on military", Trump asserted.

"The vast majority of what Rob Goldstone said in email exchange with Donald Trump Jr.is not accurate", Agalarov's family attorney, Scott Balber, told RT. Better to be transparent and have the full context. but would have been safer for us to publish it anonymously sourced. Because from day one I wanted a strong military.

Federer trop fort pour Raonic — Wimbledon
L'image de Federer allongé à plat ventre et se tenant le genou gauche fut l'une des images marquantes de l'édition précédente. Pour son 100e match dans son jardin, Federer s'est montré sans pitié avec Raonic qui l'avait battu en demi-finale l'an passé.

Trump's view is at odds with US intelligence assessments.

"When I want tremendous energy, we're opening up coal, we're opening up natural gas, we're opening up fracking, all the things that he would hate, but nobody ever mentions that", Trump added. He would like Hillary where she wants to have windmills. Not definitive. Asked if he had met with any other Russian operative, Trump Jr. responded, "Why would I?" Trump asked about Putin. I think we get along very, very well. "People said oh they shouldn't get along, well, who are the people that are saying that?" Is there any record of what was discussed? It is the second most powerful nuclear power on earth. "It doesn't make sense not to have some kind of a relationship". Trump Jr. said the meeting "really went nowhere" and that he never told his father about it because there was "nothing to tell". "It was literally just a wasted 20 minutes, which was a shame".

The president, taking to Twitter earlier on Wednesday, defended his son, Donald Trump Jr., who released emails a day earlier showing the junior Trump welcomed Russian help last year in an attempt to obtain damaging information about his presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Mercato - Modeste au Tianjin Quanjian, c'est officiel !
Ceci car il devrait très prochainement s'engager avec avec le club chinois de Tianjin Quanjian . Le FC Cologne est parti direction l'Autriche (Bad Radkersburg) pour son stage de pré-saison.

US intelligence agencies have concluded that Putin approved a mass effort to tilt the election in Trump's favor, including hacking and leaking embarrassing emails from Democrats. A person close to Manafort said that he hasn't yet received a letter from the Senate Judiciary Committee about a possible interview.

Some are suggesting that Trump Jr. may have violated a campaign finance law with this meeting. "The pattern of omission by Mr. Kushner and others in Donald Trump's circle of their Russia connections increasingly points to a consciousness of guilt". "I said, 'Did you do it?' And he said, 'No, I did not". "The Trump that you see on TV is very different than the real Trump", Putin told reporters at the G20 in Germany.

Charles Goldberg, Senior Director of Product for Thales e-Security, pointed out that while "an unfortunate incident in its own right, the Verizon leak is not a solitary occurrence".

Douglas Costa confirme son arrivée à la Juventus
On y voit le Brésilien débarquer à Turin avec un message de bienvenue. L'ailier brésilien va poursuivre sa carrière à la Juventus . Douglas Costa à la Juventus , ça se confirme.

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