Exclusive: Trump says he was unaware of son's meeting with Russian lawyer

Dominique Dufresne
Juillet 13, 2017

Meanwhile, Mr Trump is due to meet French president Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Thursday.

The emails will almost certainly be reviewed for any signs of coordination with the Kremlin, which the White House and Trump Jr. have repeatedly said did not take place. The son performed at the ceremony.

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All. Of. The. Time. End. Of.

The revelation also could heighten pressure on Republicans, many of whom on Tuesday either dismissed the significance of the Trump Jr. email exchange or declined to comment.

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The comments by the oligarch Agalarov are the latest in a wave of denials from Moscow - joining defensive statements from the White House. We were repeatedly lectured that the only thing that mattered was that Hillary had been legally cleared. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift.

This is really bad. Both attended Trump's Miss Universe party.

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I'm not aware of any of those activities. Charges of whataboutism are often used to shut that discussion down. He said that Emin Agalarov is an acquaintance of Veselnitskaya and that she asked him if he could secure a meeting for her with Trump officials. You have done a FANTASTIC job.

The newly released video, obtained by CNN, reveals the extent of the connection between Mr Trump, Mr Goldstone, and the family who would claim to have information on former Secretary of State Clinton. Treason is a very tight statute. Mine, on the other hand, is consistent. I don't know, but you don't care. Guilt and innocence is to be decided by the media, never the law. It wouldn't even qualify for Blue's Clues.

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"Obviously it would be appropriate for anybody to get into anything that went on at that meeting, and he was at that meeting", Grassley told Iowa reporters. Yes, it's also an attractive word for partisans to throw around when they realize their past positions undermine their credibility. The investigation is now more than just obstruction of justice in investigation. But no one has stolen democracy or an election.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov responded to the revelations on Wednesday, saying he knew nothing about the meetings. Not one American vote was hijacked by a Russian.

Sekulow said the president was not being investigated by Mueller. This mythmaking meant to cast doubt on the validity of an election.

Folks who complain to me about "whataboutism" have a weird propensity to lecture me about historical precedents. "He was open, transparent and innocent", the president wrote.

In a recorded interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network Trump said his meeting with Putin at the G20 summit was a good sign and showed the two countries can work together on issues such as the ceasefire in Syria. "I think we get along very, very well", he said. "One White House official went so far as to stop communicating with the president's embattled son". Either working with a foreign agent is treason or it isn't. Now, I don't know what's going to happen. "I have very little time for watching TV" he tweeted.

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Trump Jr. thanks Goldstone for setting up the meeting.

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