Germany worried US could start trade war with Europe: Gabriel

Dominique Dufresne
Juillet 6, 2017

Russia and the United States are still discussing the timing of the encounter between Trump and Putin, a Kremlin aide said on Monday.

The decisive factor is the city's strong ties with China, which is showcasing its globalizing role through Xi's One Belt, One Road program of deepening trade links with countries along the ancient Silk Road, and has a path to intensify them.

The leaders, protected by 21,000 police with water-cannons and dogs, will be met by tens of thousands of protesters in host Chancellor Angela Merkel's birthplace, arguing capitalism and globalisation are not delivering for the poor and marginalised.

A day before the G20 starts, Trump will head to Warsaw for a meeting of central and eastern European leaders likely to include Hungary's hardline Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has sparred with western European leaders, especially on the refugee issue.

Wilfried Kanga signe au SCO
Avec Jean-Kévin Augustin, Jonathan Ikoné et Odsonne Edouard, Kanga avait disputé la finale de la Youth League en 2016. L'international U20 ivoirien a signé trois ans avec Angers. À Angers, il portera le numéro 11.

"To say it in plain words, everyone could benefit from globalization", Gu said.

About 21,000 police officers from across Germany have been sent to protect the meeting of the representatives of the world's 20 largest economies, reported.

"We cannot expect easy talks in Hamburg" on the matter, Merkel said.

"If everyone in the world is looking for the best deal then in the end we all lose", he said in an interview with Stuttgarter Zeitung. Bilateral trade totaled $151.29 billion last year, according to the the Ministry of Commerce (MOC). There, so the story went, the powerful had shuttered themselves in and the demonstrations were not able to make their voices heard.

Réorganisation du personnel chez le Canadien
Par ailleurs, Martin Lapointe, qui était auparavant directeur du développement des joueurs, est désormais directeur du personnel des joueurs.

Xi noted that the last three pandas who lived in Berlin's main zoo "gave the German people a lot of joy and left happy memories". In addition, there are several newly minted leaders attending the summit this year, including Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Unveiled in 2015, the "Made in China 2025" plan aims to transform China into an innovative manufacturing country.

The Bank of Japan's quarterly Tankan survey showed improved business sentiment among big manufacturers and China's Caixin manufacturing PMI for June topped forecasts, while another report showed South Korean exports grew for an eighth straight month in June amid a global economic recovery.

There has been successful corporate cooperation. "In this respect, cooperation in the field of civil society can be further strengthened".

Manifestations contre le Sommet du G20 en Allemagne
La police criminelle allemande (BKA) craint pour sa part que plusieurs infrastructures ne soient la cible de dégradations. La manifestation s'est déroulée de façon "absolument pacifique", a-t-il ajouté.

"I think the reason why so many people got engaged in this project is that they share the same vision as our collective does..."

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